Amanda Mckeough

Total Craftaholic and general arty type of person

if it looks interesting I'll give it a go!


Crafts ...
How it all started
And counting ......
2 Grandchildren,2 dogs, 2 rabbits & A Husband
Well like a lot of ladies out there my journey was re-kindled after being a stay at home mum looking after children and making and doing crafts with them. As they went to school this expanded into crafting for gifts, home decor and a few cards that I sold to family and friends 
So Ok possibly not that many crafts tried but too many to mention and or remember but if it looks interesting (and easy) I'll have a go!!  Always on the look out for the next exciting craft! 
My long suffering family are more than used to the eclectic makes and piles of WIP (works in progress) dotted around the house. There's not one room that hasn't got something crafty stored in it. Yes even the "smallest" room has to have the obligatory crafting magazines for the 5 minutes of peace and quiet read!